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4 June 2008

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Buddhist Temple
3 June 2008

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15 April 2007

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govind khaple on Parli Vaijnath...
i am proud of parli

Katalog Stron on Jeans
nice image,exellent compo,bravo

katalog firm on Jeans
great shot,exellent colours and details

KV on Jeans
Glowing. Nice color and texture.

Pixelbugs on Buddhist Temple
Luv this photo! Gr8 color!

nivedita on Dunes or Waves?
u captured the clouds only coz they captured ur heart first... u cant ignore ur hrt widout ignoring d clouds...

nivedita on 2.....
desi atlas twins? nice pic

nivedita on Hole in my Soul!
Hole n cracks too????? but queer perspective

meera on Parli Vaijnath...
jai shiv shambhoo.......

Iceman on Cloud # ?
Nope it ain't a storm cloud. I guess its just an early morning cloud over the hill top. See the clear crisp blue ...

FC on Corny!
Yummy.... don't get to have this too often..

FC on Cloud # ?
What mountain is that, great capture. Storm cloud?

FC on The long road!
Definitely a long road!, nice capture.

Maysam on Forzen...
wooooow very nice and Interesting picture u are best

Maysam on Corny!
woooow very nice

praneetha on Blue!
breath takin pic... cool blue... too true

Iceman on Fun...
hahaha... extreme right... lighter shorts...

Keshi on Fun...
woot woot! ;-) Which one r u btw? Im guessing the one in lighter shorts or the one with his back towards the camera? ...

Laurie on Forzen...
Interesting picture...I like the low-light in this pic. =-)

ashwin on Parli Vaijnath...
i am parlian ashwin

Adam on Splash!
Like the blue tint - very atmospheric!

Iceman on Spooky?
@ Evie... Sad? No way! I bet u'd change ur mind if u were at this place! One could feel happiness, one could feel ...

Iceman on Spooky?
@ Adam Its the un-edited capture. No tint, No filter. Guess a lot of mist during the moment of capture gives it an ...

Evie on Twilight zone in a concrete jungle!
I like the coloring in this one.

Evie on Spooky?
I'm not sure about spooky - maybe sad?

Jen on Spooky?
Very surreal! Cool shot...the blue is excellent

Adam on Spooky?
Nice. Is that real blue or did you use a filter / tint?

Helen on Spooky?
Perhaps not spooky, but it is one great photo!

##AMIT## on Twilight zone in a concrete jungle!
I liked the pink color shade in this shot...

LuisRodrigues on Twilight zone in a concrete jungle!
Great color..

Evie on Sunrise!
Nice view, I like the pilons in the foreground. Beautiful colors.

MaryB on Sunrise!
A Beautiful sunrise, a beautiful photo :)

##AMIT## on Sunrise!

Simon on Twilight!
Great sky and good use of silouette.

##AMIT## on Twilight!
orange sky...beautiful

miu* on Blue!
I feel peace in this photo.

amy on Dunes or Waves?
Amazing clouds!!

Scott B on Dunes or Waves?
Good job!!!

badala on Dunes or Waves?
The clouds have made it very attractive indeed.

Bahar on Dunes or Waves?
wow, the sky is amazing here, you've captured it at the right time!

Laurie on Speed!
Awesome shot! I feel like I'm moving...

badala on Speed!
Great movement effect. I love it!

craiger on Speed!

Alain on Brotherhood!
Very nice double portraits! Great shot!

Jerry on More Tulips!
PHENOMENAL colors Iceman!!! Beautiful image! Excellent!!!!

badala on More Tulips!
I love tulips. So beautiful.

Jacqui on Tulips
Beautiful tulips! Great shot Iceman!

badala on Tulips
Very delicate!

Jason on Tulips

Manuela Photography on Tulips
Very crisp and fresh take, well done!

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